This unit of study will provide you with an opportunity to explore the craft of persuasion and argument through an in-depth analysis of character's words and actions as he/she interacts with other characters. You will also have the opportunity to explore the effects of the character's actions and words upon the plot and other characters.

Assignment # 1
As a class we will be going to the library on Thursday March 5th to pick out a book you would be interested to read.

Assignment #2
What are stylistic devices?
What are rhetorical devices?
What is inferencing?
What is logic?
What is stance?
What are appeals?
How do appeals contribute to the meaning of a text?
How do logical appeals support a stance?

Assignment # 3
everyone should be reading their novels or nonfiction books outside of class time. You will want to read an average of 30mins to one hour a day. You will also need to bring your books to class every day.

Assignment #4
Everyday you will need to get into notestar to write about your book.
you will need to keep track of your characters and the events that occur with in your book.

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